Several of you have received samples of our new fob packaging as we test the product in the market.  Our new packaging allows our fobs to be presented in a more attractive, appealing manner, while keeping the fobs secure during transit.  These clear, rectangular tubes allow for easy removal of one fob at a time – for use as needed – keeping the remaining fobs secure in the tube.  This new packaging will be applicable for fob orders of 100 or more.

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Proximity Card Composition Change

Beginning in the first quarter 2013, all of the ISO cards in our Premier and Primary lines will actually be a “composite” card, rather than the standard PVC.  The composite style card will offer more durability (up to 4 times stronger) than the standard PVC proximity card.  This added durability will result in little to no warping when exposed to high temperatures such as heat lamination.  In addition, the stronger build of this card will result in fewer breakages – extending the life of cards that are not fully protected from the elements.

Saving the best news for last, the upgrade in this card composition results in no increased costs to you – our customers.  Our focus here at ID Enhancements is to provide you the best products at the most affordable pricing. We feel that the poly-composite proximity card is the best product!

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ID Enhancements, Inc. offers the largest selection of proximity credentials for same-day shipment in the United States.  The service attributed for this achievement is called “RapidProx“.

In 2001, the RapidProx Service was created to provide an alternative for customers who were waiting 4-6 weeks for proximity credentials.  The RapidProx Service eliminated the long lead times associated with custom-encoded credentials by streamlining a production process  that was managed on a much smaller scale than the large OEM providers.  In turn,  the RapidProx Service revolutionized the industry’s response for custom access credentials by providing custom credentials within an unprecedented 48 hours.

While other companies eventually followed the lead forged by ID Enhancements, and began offering a 48-hour turn-around, ID Enhancements’ RapidProx Service remains the only service in the United States that offers a SAME-DAY shipment for custom-encoded access credentials.  In addition, ID Enhancements boasts the largest inventory of access credentials including: clamshell cards, ISO cards, proximity key fobs, RFID wristbands and more.  Multiple technologies are available as well including: HID, Indala, Casi, AWID, Keyscan, Keri, Honeywell, Bosch and more.

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Great for use in pools, saunas, gyms and fitness clubs.  Programmed to work just like your proximity card or key fob, these convenient wristbands are the ideal solution for high humidity environments.  You choose the  bit fomat, facility code and number series and we will encode per your specifications and ship in 48 hours.  RapidProx!


ID Enhancements now stocks a complete line of Poly-Composite Proximity Cards including the ISO card and the ISO with a magnetic stripe.  Our poly-composite cards are available in 26, 34, 35, 36 and 37bit.
What is a poly-composite card?  Simply put:  “A polyester core sandwiched between PVC material.” Stronger and more durable than regular PVC cards, poly-composite cards are recommended for use in extreme temperature environments, or if lamination is part of your ID card printing process. (Composition is 30% polyester/PET and 70% PVC material.)

Would you like to try our Poly-Composite cards?  During the month of September, we will be offering the poly-composite card AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE – the same price as our standard ISO proximity cards.
Simply choose the poly-composite card online or be sure to request the poly-composite when placing your order via phone.  This offer ends September 30, 2012.  More information about our products and services can be found at:  or
24bit, 26bit, 32bit, 33bit, 34bit, 35bit, 36bit, 37bit, 37Wbit, 40bit  Formats
Do you use Keyscan 36bit credentials? Or Northern 34bit?  How about DSX 33bit?   Whether you use any of these three, or any of the 10 formats that ID Enhancements offers,  we can cut your costs considerably on future credential orders!
Here at ID Enhancements, we continue to expand the capabilities of our RapidProx Service.  While we have offered the 34bit Northern and 36bit Keyscan-compatible cards for quite some time, we are now offering multiple other formats for our line of proximity cards, key fobs and tags.  We are proud to offer the most diverse line of access credentials available in the United States – and all available for an unprecedented SAME DAY shipment.  Click here to view all of the formats we have to offer.

MIFARE is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology that is described under ISO 14443 Type A.  MIFARE is a trademark of NXP Semiconductors. Operating on a 13.56 MHz contactless technology, with more than 5 billion smart card and ticket ICs and 50 million reader components sold, MIFARE is a technology that has been selected for most contactless smart card projects worldwide.   MIFARE is often considered to be a “smart card” technology –  based on the ability to read and write to the card. In reality, MIFARE is simply a memory card.

The standard MIFARE card is factory programmed at Philips with a unique 32-bit serial number. This is a random number and does not contain a facility code.  MIFARE cards in standard 1K and 4K configurations are readily available at, and shipped “same day” from our South Carolina warehouse.