MIFARE is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology that is described under ISO 14443 Type A.  MIFARE is a trademark of NXP Semiconductors. Operating on a 13.56 MHz contactless technology, with more than 5 billion smart card and ticket ICs and 50 million reader components sold, MIFARE is a technology that has been selected for most contactless smart card projects worldwide.   MIFARE is often considered to be a “smart card” technology –  based on the ability to read and write to the card. In reality, MIFARE is simply a memory card.

The standard MIFARE card is factory programmed at Philips with a unique 32-bit serial number. This is a random number and does not contain a facility code.  MIFARE cards in standard 1K and 4K configurations are readily available at http://www.proximitycards.com, and shipped “same day” from our South Carolina warehouse.