24bit, 26bit, 32bit, 33bit, 34bit, 35bit, 36bit, 37bit, 37Wbit, 40bit  Formats
Do you use Keyscan 36bit credentials? Or Northern 34bit?  How about DSX 33bit?   Whether you use any of these three, or any of the 10 formats that ID Enhancements offers,  we can cut your costs considerably on future credential orders!
Here at ID Enhancements, we continue to expand the capabilities of our RapidProx Service.  While we have offered the 34bit Northern and 36bit Keyscan-compatible cards for quite some time, we are now offering multiple other formats for our line of proximity cards, key fobs and tags.  We are proud to offer the most diverse line of access credentials available in the United States – and all available for an unprecedented SAME DAY shipment.  Click here to view all of the formats we have to offer.