ID Enhancements now stocks a complete line of Poly-Composite Proximity Cards including the ISO card and the ISO with a magnetic stripe.  Our poly-composite cards are available in 26, 34, 35, 36 and 37bit.
What is a poly-composite card?  Simply put:  “A polyester core sandwiched between PVC material.” Stronger and more durable than regular PVC cards, poly-composite cards are recommended for use in extreme temperature environments, or if lamination is part of your ID card printing process. (Composition is 30% polyester/PET and 70% PVC material.)

Would you like to try our Poly-Composite cards?  During the month of September, we will be offering the poly-composite card AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE – the same price as our standard ISO proximity cards.
Simply choose the poly-composite card online or be sure to request the poly-composite when placing your order via phone.  This offer ends September 30, 2012.  More information about our products and services can be found at:  or